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emmeline apron ornaments
Emmeline Apron Ornaments

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Ours was spent in Florida with my in-laws. With the exception of those days away, I have been putting up a holiday decoration here, preparing a swap package there, but the days have mostly consisted of doing the things that must be done to meet my first book deadline. Yikes. There's so much to be done.

While I'm trying not to let the pace of things get to me and just enjoy the many hours on end spent in my studio (a lovely place, by the way - I can't complain) I need to take a step back somehow. Since I can't add hours to the day at this point, I have to be a bit more quiet here on the blog front.

I'm sure many of you feel the same pull for "quiet" as you do what you can to make your holidays special before traveling, hosting dinner, or preparing the house for guests. If you would like, join me at the Flickr group Simple Holidays ::

:: to relish the special moments amidst the chaos
:: to honor handmade holidays
:: to remember that holidays aren't about buying and receiving
:: to highlight the details of the season that are often overlooked

I'll be letting the photographs do the speaking in the meantime. I'll be back here with words once my deadline is met!