simple holidays :: from the studio
merry christmas ...


Who said the weather outside is frightful? I just marvel at the little wonders one can find while walking slowly through snow-touched woods.

snow crystals while snowshoeing 1

snow crystals while snowshoeing 2
We made it to my parents' home in the mountains of northern California, past the airport debacles of Chicago and Las Vegas, to be greeted by the sweet smell of my childhood home - pine needles and crisp air. A tour of the property on snowshoes was the only item on the day's itenerary, the highlight of which was refreshing ourselves with handfuls of mountain-purified water directly from the bubbling natural spring.

the calico kitty

Oh - and this little kitty. You see, I knew this year would not find me making by hand all of my Christmas gifts. Time was in desperately short supply - I relied on Etsy for almost all of our gift-giving. But this kitty doll idea kept popping into my head ... I knew my two and four-year old nieces would go bonkers over these. I kitty-fied the Wee Wonderfuls Kit, Chloe and Louise doll pattern, found a hand built doll bunk bed and double doll chair on Etsy, and then proceeded to go all out. I just couldn't stop myself. Two woolen kitties, two doll quilts and bedding sets, three outfits for each, and two felt "pet fish" in a tiny beta fish bowl later, these girls are going to have one heck of a Christmas morning.

More photos later when I have everything set up under the tree!

If you don't hear from me for a bit, assume that we are enjoying the incoming snow storm and are most likely without electricity. The perfect combination, if you ask me. Sigh. Winter is so wonderful.