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sponsor giveaway :: ec wear

I'm happy to have Marija of EC Wear as a sponsor - for those of you unfamiliar with Elimination Communication, you can read about our experience with it here. EC Wear specializes in WAHM-made clothing such as leg warmers, split-crotch pants, and tiny undies perfect for families with EC-ing infants or toddlers who are on their journey to potty independence. Read on to learn more about EC Wear and enter a comment to win a pair of Huggalugs arm/leg warmers that fit from infancy through childhood. Leg warmers are a must for EC-ing families, but any child will appreciate the extra warmth now that Autumn's chill is on its way!


From Marija: I started EC Wear when Jordan was six months old and I was very frustrated by the lack of availability of clothing that were both easy to use and not made in sweatshops.  I found specialty EC products on line but most were custom-made by busy Work-at-Home-Moms and required a long wait or were frequently out of stock.  I started by cutting up the clothing that I had, serging onesies into t-shirts and splitting pants.  I then had my mother, a talented seamstress, start making cute split pants.  I wanted to make it easier for more parents to get excited about EC by making a wide range of products available.  With my background as a labor rights activist and union organizer, I also wanted to create a resource for parents to find easy-to-use products manufactured under fair working conditions. So I started an online store and have been slowly building up a collection of fair-trade or WAHM products that facilitate elimination communication.  It is a work-in-progress-- I work part-time from home, as I am also focusing my attention on my son, who just turned two.  EC Wear now carries over 100 styles of legwarmers, a variety of training pants and underwear starting at newborn sizes, cloth diapers, and the biggest online selection of split pants. 


Thanks, Marija - leave a comment to win a pair of legwarmers (your choice of style!)


Congratulations to Emmalina, who won a pair of Huggalugs! Thank you, Marija and Jordan from EC Wear! Comments are now closed.