Oh, friends. Today was epic! Lachlan is home, three months to the day after he had his surgery. What my phone didn't capture here was his glorious exit - a few sweet smiles and then he RACED through that corridor of love and bubbles for his final spin on

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Oh yes. This happened a few days ago. I believe that it is the root cause of my exhaustion today! Here she is at Homeschool in the Wild - and now imagine her in a hospital room crawling everywhere, eating books, pulling on tubes, shaking a bottle for meas

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Lachlan rides in the rain. He has been complimented on his cuteness enough times to make me question what it is doing to his psyche. That's what you get when you zoom through the hospital on a vintage trike while wearing suspenders because size 2T pants j

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Two steps forward, one step back. I was premature in my hope for a quick discharge. The drainage picked up when he started eating; not a huge amount, but a little setback. His heart rate was high this evening and was fixed with a dose of IV fluid, which m

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