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rolls of dirt cheap fabric
... and oodles of dirt cheap, expensive fabric. Enough to make me faint out of shock. Have I moved to the land of milk and honey? But really - if you live anywhere near Durham, stop reading this right now and head to Decorative Fabrics on W. Main and Watts. The owner is retiring to Florida, and you can fill up bags of remnants and upholstery samples for $2 a piece. These big rolls were selling for $5-$10 a roll. A roll. Will somebody pinch me, please? My goodness.

$2 bag for all remnants and samples

Upholstery fabric isn't something I've had the budget to consider until all of this fell into my lap for basically nothing. What hadn't occurred to me is that, even if your local store isn't going out of business, you could probably get a good deal on odd cuts and remnants, which happen to be all that you need to make some outright smashing bags. And coats (I have my eyes on a few versions of this pattern, in green, yellow or even a blue velvet).

But, enough of this coat talk. We're heading to Florida this weekend, and coats will be the last things on our minds. (That's a lie. I will continue to think about my future coat. Thinking can't make you any hotter than you already are. I'm just sure that I'll be the ONLY person in Florida thinking about a coat.) We'll be there for a week to celebrate my in-law's 30th anniversary. We're hoping to hit some springs, go for some hikes (is it still considered a hike if you don't walk up any hills?) and spend as much time at the beach as Patrick's Irish skin will allow. I've packed the embroidery hoops and will be toting around some handwork wherever we go. Be well, my friends, and enjoy your weekend!