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i'm baking big time

15 weeks
15 weeks

Most of you already know about this bun in the oven.  What you might not know is that I have two other buns baking as well!

That's right ... with the contracts signed and everything official, I can finally spill the beans about what I've had up my sleeves these past few months.  I've signed a two book deal with Interweave Press! Here's a sneak peek:

book project peek

The first book, tentatively titled Sew Liberated: Creative Sewing with Applique, will feature 30 sewing projects embellished with applique. An entire section with photo tutorials will help you master all sorts of applique techniques, from an easy rough edge to more complex three dimensional appliques. It's due out in Fall 2009.

The second book, which doesn't yet have a title, will be a true melding of my passions - early childhood development and sewing. My plan is to offer clothing patterns for babies and young children that are designed with the child's developmental needs in mind: comfort, movement, and growing independence.

So now you know - if I have been slow in responding to emails and otherwise distracted, it's not necessarily because I have pregnancy brain ... I've been very busy behind the scenes! My first deadline is the second week of December, so I'm entering that CRAZY time. (At least the morning sickness is a thing of the past!)

Mostly, I'm still in shock that I'm going to be an author. Part of me feels so unworthy of the job. It really did fall into my lap through the kindness of others. I also feel incredibly lucky - and so fortunate - to have this opportunity. Not only is it a fulfillment of a personal dream, it will allow me to be a stay-at-home mama - my biggest wish of all. Life seems pretty charmed at the moment, what with baby, books, and my Bernina.

Thank you all for being such a warm and supportive community. I would never be writing these books if it weren't for you. Really. Thank you.