for the locals ...
26 weeks


Things have been quite bookish around here these past few days. I had to slip away to a secluded corner in the vast labyrinth of Duke's library to work on my book manuscript. Just like the old college days, when writing was best accomplished while surrounded by billions of printed words.

I must admit, there was a moment there, mid-week, when I started feeling sorry for myself for having this book manuscript on my plate. I was sniffling about how I wished I could be focusing on the baby and not on the book.

I felt like I had an anvil weighing down on my shoulders.

Thankfully, dear Patrick was around to gently woo me back into the world of contented productivity. All it took was a few days of library internment while I churned out a large portion of the written section of the manuscript. Despite my cheery studio and welcoming work space, I needed a change of scenery. My studio tends to be a place that encourages my mind to jump around from idea to idea, project to project. It's a place of creative inspiration - not focused writing, I came to realize.

saturday morning reading

Focused, productive days bring about such a feeling of contentment. In keeping with the spirit of "get done what you can during the day, then relax," P & I hopped on our bikes and headed into town for a fresh bagel breakfast and a trip to the local bookstore.

I'll be spending most of my Saturday with this book, setting aside only a few hours for book writing. Because even in the busiest of times, we need to be good to ourselves.

How are you being good to yourself this weekend?