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tutorial :: midwinter sunbathing

midwinter sunbathing 1

1. Become a cat.
2. Become lazy, if you are already a cat.
3. Get yourself adopted by some humans who have this fabulous invention called "central heating" where hot air comes out of walls at - get this - cat height.

midwinter sunbathing 2

4. Find a sunbeam on top of a comfortable sleeping surface (this can be anything from an unmade bed on the floor, fabric, or a pile of books and papers. Your choice.) It's best when this comfortable sleeping surface is strategically located directly across from that thing that spews out hot air, what humans call a vent.

midwinter sunbathing 3

5. Expose as much of your body surface as possible to the sunbeam for maximum absorption. This works best if you are a ridiculously fat cat.

I hope you liked my tutorial.

Paw print,
Timoun McElwee