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a quick trip to Mexico

La Superior - Latin American market in Durham

Last weekend, I finally found my way to La Superior, the Latin American market in Durham. Let me tell you, I never thought an entire row of sickeningly fragrant detergent in bags could elicit such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside!

People spoke to me in Spanish. The Bimbo guys (Bimbo is the Mexican bread/pastry/junk food company) were making a delivery in the same dark blue jumpsuits that they wear on the other side of the border. I found hibiscus flowers, tomatillos, Lechera, and Maria's crackers. They wrap their fresh corn tortillas in the same gray butcher paper. Sigh.

La Superior - Latin American market in Durham

Here's the bars of detergent/soap that I used with a washing board to do my laundry.

It's funny - I realize that I didn't take many pictures of the mundane, day-to-day life in Mexico. After a while, I just got used to everything. And while it can be a great exercise for an amateur photographer to try and capture the everyday objects and going-ons that are otherwise obscured by day-to-day life, I didn't like doing that when I was living there. I wanted to somehow fit in. Having a digital SLR camera around my neck and taking pictures while at the grocery store just wasn't something I could bring myself to do.

Of course, there were many times when I wished I had my camera along with me. Like that day during Semana Santa (holy week) when we saw a guy peddling plastic crucifixes at the local gas station. Really. He was hawking them like hot dogs - "Cristos!"

I was so happy to see a plastic Christo hanging out by the Virgins of Guadalupe and the devotional candles. It was then that I knew that the owners of La Superior must be Mexicans!

La Superior - Latin American market in Durham

Thanks to this quick trip to "Mexico," the feast with friends that followed was full of familiar flavors. Yum.


Gracias for all the baby knitting recommendations! I've had a discussion with the baby, telling him that the benefits of staying in there for a full 40 weeks are more Mama hand-knits. We'll see if he cares, eh? :)