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30 weeks

irish pixie hat

newborn irish pixie hat

You'll understand why I had to stop everything and knit this hat once you look at this photo. Isn't that baby just precious? But really, the name of the hat sold me on the idea. Since we'll have our own little Irish pixie in ten short weeks (wait until you hear his name!) I had to make it for him.

This is the first "dimensional" project (other than scarves and blankets) that I've knit up without a pattern. I would have bought the hat, but I couldn't justify the expense when I had just enough green and white wool in my stash. Out it came (it's DK-weight) along with the #6 double-pointed needles. I cast on 60 stitches and worked a stockinette stitch in the round, beginning my every-other-row decreases once the hat measured 4". Once I had 46 stitches on my needles, I decreased every row until I had only five stitches left. I made the i-cord about 8" long, tied it in a knot, and there you have it.

irish pixie hat on cat

Timoun is so ready for this baby to be born. He's remembering past traumas and hoping that having a human baby around will distract me from playing cat dress-up.

He'd better hope that I don't have time to knit the following projects on my list (because wouldn't Timoun look cute in all of them?):

this vest
the Harvey kimono
the placket-neck pullover
the baby yoda sweater
the baby surprise jacket
the liam sweater and baby pants

Thank you, Timoun, for your humble service to humanity. Soon you will be able to nap in peace ... that is, until the baby decides he wants to play cat dress-up!