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gobbi mobile

Despite the swimming party in the basement, we still managed to have a nice weekend. With the exception of a few cranky hours, Finn could have cared less about the whole ordeal. What a nice consciousness to have ... to be keenly aware of being hungry, tired, happy, fascinated, or having to go to the bathroom ... but to be so unaware of what we adults think is important - arbitrary deadlines, flooded basements, etc. I'm happy that we now have Finn to renew our reverence for simple, immediate needs.

(In case you're wondering why we dress our babe in a sumo-suit, it's for ease of diaper removal while practicing EC. I bought my sumo band here, but you could easily make your own. It's essentially a large, fleece hair scrunchie).

A few weeks back, I changed Finn's mobile (he used to have a black and white whale mobile above his movement mat). Remember when I had an afternoon of felting when I was still pregnant? The resulting felt balls found their way into this Gobbi mobile. From what I understand (not having taken the Montessori Assistants to Infancy training course), this mobile is offered to the baby around 2 months old. It's suspended about 12" above and in front of the child while he is on his back on the movement mat.

Here's how I made mine:

1. Make five felt balls about 2 1/2" in diameter. I used these instructions. Pick roving that is five graded shades of the same color - I chose blue, but I don't think that the color matters. Let them dry completely (this might take a few days).
2. Cut a wooden dowel to 8 1/2" (found at any craft store or large chain sewing stores like Hancock's).
3. Using a hand sewing needle and invisible thread, loop the thread to the top of each ball, knot, and leave about 16" of extra thread.
4. Beginning with the darkest ball, wind the thread around the dowel so that the ball is suspended about 12" below the dowel. Continue hanging the rest of the balls in this way, each ball 1/2" higher than the previous ball.
5. Using 24" of embroidery floss, tie the ends to the edges of the dowel. Adjust the invisible thread so that the balls hang evenly.
6. Tie another length of embroidery floss to the middle of the 24" length and suspend from the mobile hanger or ceiling hook.
7. Place baby underneath and watch his limbs flail in excitement!

**********Oh, and have you checked out my friend Karla's Montessori materials Etsy store? Karla and I took our Montessori training together and she is currently teaching in a Montessori pilot program in a public school in San Francisco. Her work is beautiful - I especially love her Days and Months Accordion Books. **********