snapshots, 4:37 p.m.
finn and the leaf at four months old

the closet metaphor

Yesterday, things were feeling a bit piled up. Deadline upon deadline, un-washed hair upon "that-same-old-ugly-t-shirt" look that I seem to have day after day ... and then I went to pull something out of the fray (shipping labels, to be precise) and the whole thing came crashing down. On my feet.

closet before

Well, you all know exactly what I was feeling. Thank you for your words of kindness and encouragement!

Today, I felt a little more like this.

closet after

It's amazing what organizing a closet can do for your spirit. It sounds silly - but it's quite true. The extra benefit of organizing one's studio closet (which was previously completely useless as it had no shelving) is that I can now see all of the yarn I have in my stash. And boy oh boy, do I have plans ...

Just because it's good to keep those little blessings in mind when your figurative closet spills out onto the floor ...

I'm thankful for:

-My new dutch rubber broom. My good friend and fellow crafter, Karen, recommended it, and I will never go back to the broom and the swiffer. Best of all? I can attach an old, damp hand towel to it with rubber bands and my kitchen floor is mopped in minutes. No buckets. No water-sogged floor. No kidding.

-My beautiful Seasons Round Exchange package from Nicole. I'll post some pictures of the goods on our nature table once Autumn rolls around.

-My son who has taken to hacking when he laughs. "Kah! Kah!" I'm so in love.

-My little feature over on The Lovely List - if you haven't checked out the Lovely List before, you're in for a treat!

-My talented husband who is putting the finishing touches on our re-designed website, which will be launching next Monday, along with ...

-THE BOOK! Make sure you're here on Monday the 14th for a big book preview - and signed copies will be available for pre-order in my shop!