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dining room face lift

You know it's time to re-think your set of dining room chairs when two of them break in half and the other four regularly bottom-out on innocent sitters. They ended up being more of a good joke than a good deal - they clearly didn't represent one of my shining moments as a thrifter. Alas. So, I've had my eyes peeled for new-to-me, STURDY wooden chairs while at my favorite local thrift shop, Everything But Grannie's Panties. The place itself is just as much a hoot as the name indicates, and it's piled high with trinkets, junk, and the occasional piece of furniture.

The whole dining room underwent a makeover since I last showed it here. Here are three of the four wooden ladies, waiting to be painted. I figured I'd paint some drab mirrors while I was at it, too.

before the paint

Here's the finished result (and notice the larger antique table, too - I love the indentations that it has where people's elbows have left their marks.)

mismatched chairs

The mismatched chair idea isn't mine - I've seen it done before, and I knew I had to follow suit. Maybe one of these days I'll add a few more (maybe metal or wire?) to the mix, but that's for the thrifting fairies to decide. For now, I'm just pleased that my parents, who are coming to visit this week, will not be breaking their hip bones while my old chairs break into bits and pieces beneath them! (And no, they are actually very small people - the other chairs were that bad!)  

Looking back at that old post (and house tour series) makes me realize how much things have changed around here since having a little one afoot. Perhaps an updated house tour would be a good idea, baby nooks and all?