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orange sherbet from scratch

It's been hotter than a frying pan in the underworld here in North Carolina. Aside from being in the' mid-90's, it's sticky. Humidity and I do not get along. I'm from the mountains of Northern California, after all, where summers are pool-worthy but humane. Pleasant, even. Pleasant is not a synonym for summer in the South.

basket of yummy

Aside from making me cranky and forcing me to stay inside for most of the day, hot days make me want to fill my body with cold things. As if, by eating ice cream all day, I could bring the temperature down in a certain radius around my body, like a human ice pack.

But you know what? If this weather is what it takes to spur me into action and make orange sherbet from scratch, I can handle a few more days like this with at least a smidgen of grace. Because, man oh man, this is GOOD.

Two bowls today. Tomorrow will be a better day, because I will eat three bowls of this stuff.

Recipe here.