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giraffe's lollipop

Hey there! If I seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet for the past ten days, it's because of this little boy and his animals. We spent a nice vacation visiting Patrick's family in central Florida, and I left my computer untouched for the majority of the week. I meant to post before we left, but things got busy and we were packing down to the wire - how is it that it now takes 17 hours to prepare for a vacation? Oh yes ... we now have a baby. At any rate, we eventually arrived in Orlando and did our best to skirt the corporate cartoon animals in favor of the real deal.

feeding a giraffe

DSC_6243 (Modified in Phatch PHoto bATCH Processor).JPG

The only two child-oriented parks that we visited were Green Meadows Petting Farm and the Brevard Zoo. Both are small and hands-on - perfect for young children. Finn loved feeding the animals. We went to the zoo twice to feed the giraffes. Now Finn's all about feeding our cats in the morning, too.

feeding the sheep

All of this made me pine for some farm animals of our own. One of these days, once we have a yard that's bigger than a postage stamp.

riding a pony.JPG

pleased as pie

There's so much to get caught up on after eschewing work for over a week - some book editing, a new pattern to send to the printer, and some sewing, of course. Wishing you a relaxing (almost) summer weekend!