moon booties
and he looks like his big brother ...

on the floor

on my floor

Once again, I find myself working on a project that requires me to be on the floor for hours on end. Pregnant belly and all. Why does it only occur to me to do these sorts of things while pregnant?

on my floor 2

It's going to be awesome, though. It's so soft, so cushiony, and will be the perfect addition to the new playroom. When I'm done, though, my back will thank me.


I'm no expert on this rug making business, but I'm following Amanda's instructions in Handmade Home . I chose to use recycled t-shirts cut into 1.5" strips for the "fabric." My secret? I bought my thrifted shirts already cut and from the super-nice and helpful Laurine at Green At Heart. Laurine put together a special listing for me, and the price was very reasonable. If you happen to have the t-shirts already on hand, you'll need about 45 of them to make a 60" diameter rug. I'll share more details once I have a finished product!