finnian and lachlan's studio

a blanket for the wee one

lachlan's blanket - the beginning

Back in October, my mom sent Lachlan a little surprise via Purl Soho: the Super Easy Baby Blanket kit in the Rugby colorway. I got to knitting right away.

But this blanket, while it's certainly easy to knit, is not what I'd call quick to knit. I tried to knit a few rows every evening, but my progress was slow. It wasn't until our post-holiday trip that I made the time to really go at it. One row of color a day was what I could do, but that meant that I was knitting all of the time (no complaining!)

knitting at sea worldFor example, if you are in Orlando, Florida and you find yourself with your in-laws at Sea World, convince them that you want to go to every "show" you can. Then proceed to sit and knit. Good.

lachlan's blanket 1

By the time we returned from our trip, I only needed to bind-off and block the blanket. At this time, I realized that I really stink at blocking. I usually knit little hats and socks, which don't need to be shaped. Note to self: Don't stretch out things while blocking. The blanket ended up with little scallops around the edges where there should have been none because I was over-zealous in my stretching and pinning. Sigh. I doubt anyone else in my house will notice, though.lachlan's blanket 2

lachlan's blanket folded

Other than those imperfections that you always notice in your own handiwork, the blanket turned out wonderfully. Its bold colors are so refreshing in a 70's sort of way, and the soft merino wool will be perfect wrapped around Lachlan's little body.

lachlan's blanket 3

I have Lachlan's Stella Pixie on the needles now. Before I finish that, though, I owe you a tour of the boys' studio. How about Monday? See you then!