finn's pocket pants
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new patterns! new website!


Growing Up Sew Liberated is out. The blog tour is off and running - Rae made some adorable boy jammies. The three new women's patterns are available for pre-order. And we have a new website! (Here's a little coupon code for you all, good for 20% off at our new site for the next week: SiteWarming.)

Obviously, we've had a lot of help these last few months! Between my parents, Patrick's mom, Patrick's brother and sisters, and friends and neighbors, we've managed to get by. (Not to mention the folks at Interweave Press, our friends and colleagues Charlotte, Kim, Mia, Lynsi and Micah, and our pattern testers.) I say without hesitation that it has been the most intense, soul-challenging, patience-making three months of my life. We are tired, but in good spirits. Lachlan continues to do so well, and they have scheduled his second surgery for June 27th. With gratitude, we close the door on this intense time in our lives. With hope, we move on.

With thanks, for all of your support, dear friends and readers - who have surrounded us with nothing but support and words of encouragement.