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the painted piano

painted piano

painted piano

painted piano

It was silly, really, my obsession with this piano. As if I didn't have enough to do with two little ones, running a business, packing up all of our possessions, and moving. Once I saw this picture, there was no hope for me. I had to do it.


But you know, sometimes you need that one obsession to help you focus your thoughts. No better way to calm your mind than to paint a piano, I say. 

And this, my friends, is not just any piano. This is the piano that my own mother learned to play on. That music book on the stand? That's my Gram's book from the 1930's. That clarinet is my Dad's. My parents moved this piano from their home in California so that we could have it in our home, replacing the (much loved) electric piano that we've had sicne graduating from college. This one is a smidge out of tune. But unlike our electric piano, this one is always on. A fact that delights my two year-old. 

The piano was orignally a honey brown, with some water stains along the top. With a quick sanding and wiping down, it was ready for its first layer of paint. The color is called "Winter's Day" (a Martha Stewart color) although it was custom-mixed for us with Behr's paint-and-primer combo. It's gray, with a bluish tone. The whole piano required two coats of this stuff, and a quart of paint was plenty.

There was nothing fancy about the painting process, either. Just a microfiber mini roller, a few small paint brushes, and some patience in getting around those keys was all that was needed.

Source: designsponge.com via Meg on Pinterest


This photo gave me some styling inspiration. Oh, Pinterest. You certainly keep me entertained.

May the hootenany begin.