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when running in sprinklers, wear goggles


Photo by my Mom

While we were hauling furniture back into our completed studio space (pictures coming soon!) the boys were at my parents doing this. That Finn, man. He doesn't like getting water in his eyes, so he wore his goggles. Just so happened that he had his goggles with him - can't leave home without 'em! He uses them as snazzy sunglasses, too. 


  • I have very good news - my soggy camera has dried out, and it's working just fine. Phew. That's a big relief.
  • Thanks to Caroline, Johanna, and Carla for hosting the mini Paloma blog tour, and for posting pictures of their comfy summer handmades. They are all hosting pattern giveaways, too, so leave a comment on their blogs to enter your name!
  • This book has me giddy about dinner time. I'm trying to score an old picnic table on Freecycle so we can eat right under our big Mimosa tree. 

secret garden


I'm not going to lie. It's a jungle in our backyard! While it is so funny to think that we had the notion that we could come close to keeping all of these weeds at bay, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because, tucked in amongst all those (sometimes quite pretty!) weeds are hidden vegetables and fruits that the deer can't find (and sometimes, to be honest, we have a hard time distinguishing our lettuce patch from the weeds, too!)


Little boys, as it turns out, have no trouble finding such treasures. Like these four blueberry bushes so lovingly planted a few months back with the help of his Papa.

"I need a bucket! I need a bucket!" I hear as a blonde-headed torpedo flies past me, heading in the direction of our Secret Garden. He sat there for an hour, picking. And eating. And talking about Blueberries for Sal. I am reminded that we did not buy this land to tame it. We bought it to take care of it. To protect it and the little boys, birds, and animals who live here from herbicides and pesticides. We bought it - a human-life lease on a place that was here long before we were, and will be here long after we pass on - to live here. To weed when we can, to grow some things that will nourish our family.


A carefully cultivated landscape and garden are, perhaps, down our path in the future. But for now, I am choosing to weed less and lie down on a clover patch, blonde headed boy in the crook of my outstretched arm, searching for animals in the clouds.

the paloma blog tour :: sew caroline

The Paloma sewing patternThe Paloma sewing pattern

Hi y'all. What a week it's been! I left my poor, fancy camera outside in the rain. I think it still works. It's currently drying out. Cross your fingers! I feel like a fish out of water without my camera. I do have a handful of photos that I have stored up, but this seems like the perfect time to post pretty pictures from other talented peeps on this here blog, don't you think?

It just so happens that I had already scheduled a mini blog tour featuring our newest sewing pattern, the Paloma. (My favorite summer top! If Patrick noticed such things, he would certainly say to me, "Are you wearing that again?!" But he doesn't notice such things. So I wear my Paloma tops day after day.)

I hope you'll follow along while I introduce you to some wonderful sewing and sewing mama bloggers. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday, June 5th: Sew Caroline
Wednesday, June 6th: Old House Mama
Friday, June 8th: Small + Friendly


Sew Caroline is starting off with a dress version of the easy, breezy Paloma! I just love Caroline's sweet personality and her beautiful blog. I'm really liking how she styled the Paloma with a red belt. Stop by to say hello to Caroline and enter to win a pattern in her giveaway!