never in a million years part two. the cat speaks.

amelie on the new lens
Dearest Very Large Animals Who Have Warm Laps,

Amelie here. I thought I'd bring you up to date on the latest news from the Amelie-Timoun Kingdom, since Meg seems to be a bit preoccupied with all of the new things that Patrick brought back from his trip to the U.S. in Timoun's traveling bed (I think they call it a suitcase.) There's this new thing that she's been sticking in my face - she said something about a camera lens. She's been babbling on in that odd language of yours about the magnificence of the low aperture number that allows her to take photos with an awesome depth-of-field in low-light conditions. Yawn. It's time for me to take a little nap. Here are a few more pictures to keep you occupied while I doze.

vintage apron find

bag of goodies from the other side!

Okay, that was a nice nap. Thanks for your patience. I know you humans like to be doing things all the time and neglect your hourly naps.  Personally, I don't understand how you get through a 24 hour day without sleeping for 16 hours of it. You should try out my circadian rhythm. I think you'll like it.

Well, I really should get to the point because before you know it, siesta time will once again be upon us. Meg wanted me to tell you that she had a lovely time reading through all 347 comments with your name suggestions for the new apron, and that she has finally settled on a name! While my own vote was clearly for Amelie, she ended up picking Elsie Mae.

A big congratulations to Melody, who suggested the name Elsie in honor of her own great-grandmother.  Meg went ahead and slapped Mae onto one end because she "just couldn't resist!" Humans. You all are so funny about your naming obsession.

Goodness me! It's nap time again. I must curl up immediately into a ball. Wishing you all a purrfect evening!

Paw print,

never in a million years ... part one

Closer view

Check out this bring-on-Spring Emmeline by Melissa! Freshcut fabrics make for such a sweet rendition of any apron. Make sure to head over to the Flickr group and see how others have (brilliantly) interpreted the Emmeline Apron pattern!

... would I have guessed that I would have sold out of my first printing of Emmeline Apron patterns in three week's time! Thanks to your overwhelmingly positive reception of Miss Em, she'll have to be on backorder for a little less than a week while we wait for the second printing to ship out. I know you'll understand if you order a pattern and it takes a little longer to arrive, but we are aiming to get out any orders for Emmelines around March 4th. Thank you so much for your patience and support!

In the meantime, if you're just itchin' to get a-stitchin', please consider supporting my wholesale retailers by purchasing the patterns from them. I know that Yuki at LA Chakra has about 25 Emmelines in stock. Also, be sure to check out some of the pattern/fabric kits available at Monkey Foot Designs! I'm so excited to see that Kris has unearthed some of that hard-to-find Gnome fabric for her Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag kit! She's also put together the Chocolate Lollipop fabric and some beautiful out of print Urban Chicks fabric that would make a stunning duo for the Emmeline Apron.




Stay tuned for "Never in a Million Years ... Part Deux" to find out the name of Little Miss Apron #2 - and boy do I have a lot of choices!


name that apron

the second apron pocket 1

the second apron ruffle

waist band gathers

The Next Apron Pattern

Number Two apron pattern The Elsie Mae is no longer just a drawing on paper! Here she is, in her first workup.  Number Two features all the fifties' flair imaginable, with a ruffled hem, two pockets with cloth-covered button details, a gathered waistband, and some optional bodice bows. For a perfect fit, Number Two offers a curved seam bodice and skirt, which lend it its retro vibe. Fully lined, Number Two has no exposed seams and will last long enough for your great-granddaughter to put it to good use. The only thing Number Two doesn't have is a name!

That's where you come in! Help me give Number Two a name she can be proud of! Leave a comment, and in a week's time I will pick the name that most tickles my fancy. Keep in mind that I like the idea of old-fashioned women's names for my aprons (i.e. Emmeline) but I'm open to other possibilities as well. The winner will receive a copy of The Apron Book by EllynAnne Geisel!

Thank you for all of your suggestions! A winner has been picked, and the apron has a name!


After the naming, all that's left is writing the instructions, drafting the pattern pieces in Illustrator, laying out everything in InDesign, sending the draft out to testers, revising, re-sending, and printing. Nothing at all, really! But this naming contest should be so much fun. Maybe I'll even get some ideas for naming my future children, as well. :)

Happy naming!


emmeline in dots

Emmeline Apron for Tie One On Polka Dots

EDIT: Pattern is now available at my store!

I couldn't resist making a polka-dot Emmeline apron for this month's Tie One On. For those of you wondering about the release date for the Emmeline Apron and the Mischievous Gnome Messenger Bag patterns, your wait is almost over. The patterns should be shipped from the printer's at the beginning of next week.  They just might arrive in time to do a first shipment of orders before my parents (a.k.a. warehouse and shipping managers) head off once again (poor souls) to Hawaii, where they will be until the first week of February.

So here's what I'm planning on doing: sign up for my mailing list in the side bar, and you will receive a special discount and the ability to pre-order. In about a week I'll be sending the pre-ordering instructions to the list, along with a firm shipping date for the patterns - either January 26th or February 7th, depending on the speed of the printers and UPS.

Excitement! I can't wait to get these patterns out and see what your brilliant minds and agile sewing machines come up with!